About Kandosii

The Kandosii Squad is a group of Republic Commandos from Star Wars Clone Wars.

We have taken this term and coined it as our synonym to “Taking Awesome Pictures.”

The members of Kandosii Squad are as follows:

  • Sergeant RC-7208, a.k.a. “Boxer” (the leader of Kandosii Squad)
  • RC-5194, a.k.a. “Lucky”
  • RC-2584, a.k.a. “Derek”
  • RC-1707, a.k.a. “Jumper”

The four above members of the Kandosii Squad were born as a Phase Two clone team in the year 30 BBY (“Before the Battle of Yavin”, in the Star Wars dating system).  These four commandos were chosen at the age of two and were taught by Kal Skirata, a trainer of Jango Fett’s Cuy’vul Dar.

It was found in the midst of training that each of these four commandos possessed a unique set of skills apart from one another.  RC-7208, “Boxer”, exhibited to have a way with explosives.  RC-1707, “Jumper”, had sniper skills that were unmatched.  RC-2584, “Derek”, had the most well-versed fighting skills with an aptitude for all kinds of weaponry, and RC-5194, “Lucky”, was found to particularly gifted with close-range fighting skills and was a pro with close-quarters weaponry such as shotguns, vibroblades and other short-range weapons.

As they were trained to do, the Kandosii Squad fought a few battles in their time.  Their first experience in battle came on Geonosis, where they were teamed up with Umbro Squad and Adenn Squad, tasked with destroying Separatist leader’s ship and killing as many as possible.  The team planted charges on seven ships.  They were met by ambush when leaving the ships, resulting in casualty to Adenn and Umbra, but Kadosii Squad all survived though with injury to Boxer, Derek and Jumper.

Kandosii Squad also waged battle on a few other assignments, including at Saleucami, Operation: Fearmonger, the Vergesso Raids and the Battle of Felucia.  The squad fought their final assigment at Coruscant, where Lucky and Jumper were mortally wounded in an ambush.  Boxer and Derek, however, were able to survive the ambush and later set up a network to help disillusioned clones escape the Imperial Army.  Boxer was later found and killed by clone assassins, while Derek’s whereabouts are unknown.

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