How to Excel at Wedding Photography

Wedding Shots Every person going through your wedding album will be expecting to see shots from your engagement and pre -wedding shots and from the wedding which include the ceremony and the reception. The variety and styles maybe different as will depend on what the couple likes and the photographer who did the shooting. A wedding will tell a story of a very important day in the lives of the couple with the photographer being the narrator and the couple being the main actors. Photos should capture every detail and progress from the start of the wedding to the very end. Meet with your photographer in the course of planning and make a list of the list of the shots you would take from prior to post wedding. An experienced photographer should help you come up with this list because he has done more on this. There maybe be however an opportunity for a few charges due to some unexpected charges that may occur on that day.

Engagement and pre-wedding shots

Engagement photos are very interesting and give some good memories. You may not be able to engage a photographer for this but a few pictures for this will do you some good. Engagement whichever way it happened is worth remembering and therefore having good shots is essential. For those who choose to have a full engagement photo shoot which will be included in their wedding package, then it will be very important to get a good photographer and this will be a good opportunity for them to get used to their photographer and also to posing together as a couple. On the day of your wedding, it is a good idea to have your pictures taken as you do the various preparations for your big day. Here are a few shots that you can take that will reflect the excitement you have for your big day.

  • The bride and the groom as they do their preparations for their wedding. They could include them having breakfast or celebrating with a drink as they prepare for the wedding.
  • A bride putting on her dress with the help of the maids
  • The bride having her make up on and her hair done
  • The groom and his men doing their final preparations

The wedding ceremony

During the ceremony, here are some shots that should not go missing,

  • Pictures of the venue when it is well prepared before the ceremony and when guests have not arrived.
  • Guests as they come in different styles and as they get seated
  • The bridal party on their journey to the venue of the wedding and their procession to the altar
  • When the groom firsts sees the bride and the various proceedings at the altar like exchange of rings and vows
  • The parents of the bride and the groom.
  • The couple as they exit the venue for the reception

These shots when done in different styles with some individuality added will give a perfect picture of the wedding.